Marina Wainer is a Paris-based multidisciplinary artist
After studying dance, video art and digital design, she has concentrated her work on new approaches to digital creation.
She proposes a sensitive approach, creating interactive devices anchored in space, where the engagement of the body is the essential element of the installation, putting the public at the heart of the artwork.
She also develops a photographic work produced and published in the digital space (with smartphones/social networks, especially Instagram), focuses on new forms of representing the real and ubiquitous presence, proposes to resonate, crossing different stories and territories.
Her practice of the digital in the physical space led her to collaborate with architect Valérie de La Chapelle within La Fracture Numérique collective and more recently the studio InterActStructure, in the context of scenography, spatial and interaction design projects and urban interventions.

MW devotes part of her work in design event, at the crossroads of the artistic and editorial direction
She has launched in 2012 – with Benoît Drouillat – les soirées *di*/zaïn, whose she was the artistic director until 2016. *di*/zaïn is a monthly event dedicated to digital creation in Paris, organized by *designers interactifs*. Each event is organized around a theme and brings together designers, artists, architects, researchers, authors and institutes developing projects related to the subject. *di*/zaïn proposes short and interactive presentations in the venue, as well as on live streaming and Twitter. The event takes place at the Gaîté Lyrique, Grand Palais and others cultural institutions (Centquatre, Imaginarium, Tank, Divan du Monde).
She has co-organized – with Marie-Hélène Fabre Faustino – collaborative workshops for the general public as part of Le Monde Festival at the Opéra Bastille: How to Live in a Changing World? (2015), How to Invent a World in Action(s) (2016), How to Dream a World of Potentials (2017).
Since 2017 she has been collaborating with 369 éditions, as artistic director of the Forum Design Paris, an international event around social design, the first edition of which took place in November 2018

MW leads a teaching activity
She began with teaching digital culture at Ecole spéciale d’Architecture and workshops in partnership with companies at Strate Ecole de Design.
She also taught at the Centre Michel Serres, where she has developed several courses about Art, Territory and the digital.
She is currently teaching at Sciences Po Paris on the Master’s degree in Digital Innovation and Transformation.
She has developed workshop modules on the digital city and the representation of territories through social networks in several schools: the School of Art and Design in Orléans, the Fine Arts School in Angers and internationally during her exhibitions (University of Brighton, University of Sussex, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Fundación Telefonica Buenos Aires).
She directs – since 2012 – the teaching unit of the Promotion of Audiovisual Archives through digital devices at Ina SUP (Master’s of Audiovisual Patrimony) and Ecole Estienne (Master’s of Design and Digital Creation).
During the last ten years, she has developed a way of thinking about how to enhance audiovisual archives in the digital era through a research project in partnership with Ourouk company and the support of Centre francilien de l’innovation. She has been collaborating (via the Ina) with a few Colombian institutes such as Ministerio de Cultura, Señal Memoria (public radio and tv), Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano. And also the IOC (International Olympic Committee) in Lausanne, the ICRC in Geneva, the SNRT in Rabat, and with several Algerian institutions as part of an european project.